Groovy Goat: Our Story

Goats are stubborn, they can be a pain in your ass. They eat everything and destroy the house.

But, our Goat is none of those things. He’s groooovy, laid back, and simply the Greatest of All Time.

Welcome to Groovy Goat, your new home in Lower Alabama for great food, drink, sports, and games. Over the years, Groovy Goat will become a household name, but Foley will always be our first, our flagship.

Groovy Goat came to Foley because the future is tremendous. As OWA becomes the place for rides and family fun, Groovy Goat will be known as the place to eat, drink, and play before and after The Park.

For the nation’s biggest sporting events, locals and guests will gather to cheer for their team, whether it’s Roll Tide or War Eagle. Fight Night, the Super Bowl, and the National Championship Game will never be the same in Foley.

We believe success occurs when strangers become friends and friends become family. We value your trust, and will hold true to our integrity, honesty, and loyalty.

Come big or come small, we guarantee there will be fun for all!

Our Groovy Restaurant